Tourism in Barbil

This city is situated in the Kendujhar district of Odisha. It has a rich collection of iron and manganese ore that’s why it is known as the “Iron City” in Odisha.  Barbil is surrounded by mountains that touch the sky and this scene looks heavenly beautiful. Barbil makes a perfect blend of nature and history. 

Top 5 tourist places in Barbil


1) Badaghagara Waterfall – It is a wonderful place for studying tribal life. The height of this waterfall is almost 100feet and it becomes a beautiful picnic spot due to the green surroundings.

2) Deogaon – It is a beautiful village that is located on the banks of the river called Kusei. Here visitors can see the most sacred shrine of Lord Shiva in Kushaleshwar Temple.

3) Murga Mahadev waterfalls – It becomes one of the most enchanting waterfalls because of its perfect combination of religion and nature. Tourists feel its actual magic when they see that two waterfalls are falling from the Thakurani hills into a small river.

4) Sanaghagara Waterfall – It is the best place to enjoy natural beauty and that’s why tourists love to visit here. The weather on the hill remains very pleasant. It is the ideal place for family picnics.

5) Gonasika – This place has a rich cultural and historical value. It is supposed to be the origin of the perennial river Baitarani and visitors also can see here the well-known temple that is dedicated to Lord Brahmeswar Shiva.

Best time to visit Barbil

Winter is the best season to go Barbil as the temperature from October to March remains around 17-20°Celsius. The sky looks beautiful in this season and this beauty brings the ultimate satisfaction in visiting the sightseeing. Tourists are suggested to avoid the summer and monsoon seasons.

How to reach Barbil

Barbil has its railway station called Barbil (BBN) so tourists can visit up to Barbil railway station and they can take cabs to reach anywhere in Barbil.

Tourists must travel up to Bhubaneswar Airport to reach here as this is the nearest airport from Barbil. Taxis or buses are always available to take you to Barbil. 

It is very easy for the neighbouring cities to travel Barbil by bus whereas it is impossible for the long-distance visitors to go Barbil by the bus route rather they can take buses after reaching any of its neighbouring places. 

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