Land of Temples – Bateshwar

Bateshwar is a very small town situated on the banks of river Yamuna. This village is located in Agra city, north-east of Uttar Pradesh. The word “Bat” in Sanskrit means banyan tree, it is believed that Lord Shiva rested for some time under the banyan tree on which the base the main temple: Bateshwar Nath temple is made and that tree is still standing strong today. 

When To Visit

The village experiences semiarid climate, which means summers and monsoons are dry and winters are mild.  So, the ideal time for sight- seeing is winters; October to February. But if you want to experience the spiritual side, then you should visit during Mahashivratri and on the birth and death anniversary of first Tirthankar of Jains – Rishabhnath Bhagwan. 

Tourist Attractions

Bateshwar Nath Temple: Bateshwar Nath Temple is collection of 101 Lord Shiva temples.

Timings: 4am to 9pm on Mondays

12am to 9pm during Shravan months and throughout the year.

Baruva Matha Temple: This temple is dedicated to 22nd Jain Tirthankar Lord Neminath located in Shoripur city.

How To Reach

By Road

Bateshwar laze on the Agra- Bah road line that means it is well connected with all the major cities within the state by UPSRTC buses. 

By Rail

The town station is Bateshwar halt railway station. The nearest major serving railway station is Ghaziabad station and Agra Cantt at 270kms and 80kms respectively from the town. From airport you can hire an auto to reach your destination.

By Air

The nearest airport is Kheria airport in Agra at the distance of 87kms. Agra airport is well connected to all the major cities of India. The average price of plane ticket is Rs2200. Saifai Airstrip is nearest railhead for private airlines. 

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