Chirmiri – Heaven of Chhattisgarh

Chirmiri is a hill station in Koriya district of Indian state Chhattisgarh. The place was founded by King Kalachuri Ratnadeva in the 12th -13th century. The town is known for its abundance of coal. The town is also known for waterfalls, temples and their miracles and natural scenic views. 

When To Visit

The hilly town of Chirmiri is blessed with beautiful landscapes. The place is covered with greenery throughout the year with moderate summers and monsoons and ideal time to go is in winters; between October to April. The weather condition there is optimum for sight-seeing, walking and is casually known for weekend trips as said by Chhattisgarhi. 

Tourist Attractions

Lord Jaganath Temple

Gufa Mandir

Kanthideval Temple

Ramadha Waterfall

Amrit Dhara Waterfalls

Kalibadi Temple

Maha Maya Temple

Gaurghat Waterfall 

How To Reach

By Road

Road trip to Chirmiri from Raipur is fun because of well maintained highways and great scenic views. If you don’t want to drive, the there is option for CSRTC bus from literally any corner of the state and  overnight private buses from metropolitan cities of the country. The bus ticket prices are usually not fixed. 

By Railways –

The closest station is Ambikapur Railway Station at approx 100kms from the city. This station serves passengers of Raipur and Ambikapur and is not connected to the rest of the sates of India. If you wish to travel by train, then first you have to reach Raipur Junction from there you can board on train that takes to Ambikapur Railway Junction and from there you can hire a taxi or auto to reach your desired place.

By Air –

The nearest airport is Raipur airport or commonly known as Mana Airport at the distance of approx 370kms. This airport is accessible from any part of the country. Once you get off the flight, there are plenty of auto, bus and cabs available to take you to Chirmiri or your desired destination. The average ticket charge per person is Rs 8745. 

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