Sasaram is a city of district Rohtas in Bihar, India. It is commonly called as ‘ Sasharam’. In ancient times it was known as gateway of “Vihar” to visit Gaya, Nalanda, and Rajgrih. Lord Buddha has crossed this gate in his way to enlightened to […]


Buxar is one of the thirty- eight districts of Bihar, India. The battle of Buxar and battle of Chausa were fought in this district. It is believed that Ahilya, the wife of Gautam Rishi restored her human body from that of stone and got salvation […]


Sitamarhi is a northern holy district in Bihar. It is the birth place of Sita (Ramayan). The place  is well known for array of temples and religious sites. It has land area of 2294km. sq. and falls under the category of Seismic Zone V according […]