India in 360


Ramakkal/Ramakkalmedu [See Map] Ramakkal in a hill station in kerala, India. It lies in the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and between the most famous tourist attractions such as Thekkady, Munnar, Idukki and many more attractions.Ramakkal gives a very large view of about seven small […]

Idukki Dam

Idukki Dam [See Map] Idukki Dam is one of the most beautiful dams in kerala ,India.It is 168.91 m tall arch dam.The dam is build between two mountains named “kuruvanmala & kurathimala”. Idukki Dam is the tallest dam in Asia.The main centre of attraction in […]

Siachen Glacier

Siachen Glacier [See Map] Siachen Glacier is also known by the name A White Snake. It is best known as the worlds highest holiday ground.The Karakoram ranges of the Himalaya Mountains are crawled by the Siachen Glacier. It is next to the north east point […]